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Feedback on purchase of giclee print “ Evening in Chinatown”, just before Christmas 2020

“I want to thank you very much for organising and sending the print at very short notice and in these unpredictable times!
It is beautiful. As I mentioned the print was for my brother, that area of London has special meaning to him and he loved the painting.

You are very talented. Many Thanks again.”

Zoe M

I am delighted to recommend Cora as an art teacher…

“I am delighted to recommend Cora as an art teacher to any parent considering organising art lessons with her for their children. Not only is Cora a truly gifted artist but perhaps more importantly she is a brilliant teacher. She is fantastic with children as she both fills them with confidence and inspires them.

Both my twin boys are different in character Tom is a confident artist and happy to have a go whereas Alex is less confident and rather unsure about having a go. They together spent two terms having art lessons with Cora at the weekends. They looked forward very much to seeing her and she quickly identified their individual characters and responded perfectly to those differences.

She took time to discover from each child what it was that particularly interested them and then came up with related suggestions as to what they might paint. Both Tom an Alex came home with numerous pieces of art work of which they were justifiably very proud!

Tom and Alex both blossomed beautifully as artists with Cora’s help, guidance, encouragement and inspiration.
I cannot praise Cora highly enough and if you are looking for an art teacher my advice is


Ann Mulligan, Barrister

I have found Cora’s guidance extremely helpful…

“I have been attending Cora’s art lessons since January “15 and found the sessions very enjoyable.
I have painted many various scenes; flowers, animals, landscapes etc, in acrylics and some watercolour.
I have found Cora’s guidance extremely helpful and have learnt a lot from her.”

Joy Morgan

…we are extremely happy with the progress they have made.

“My two daughters have been having their art lessons with Cora for about a year and we are extremely happy with the progress they have made. Given the limited time children do art at school, Cora’s lessons provide my daughters with the opportunity to fully submerge into the world of creativity and imagination. My daughters look forward to having their lessons every single week.”

Nino Nizharadze

She has helped me to gain more confidence in my work…

“I have been a student of Cora for the last half year. Cora is a very talented and knowledgable artist. I enjoy my weekly classes and have been learning steadily.

I am grateful for Cora’s guidance and advice. She has helped me to gain more confidence in my work.”

Sandra Scott

Cora’s calm and relaxed style really suited him …

“Ben loved going to Cora’s! He was feeling frustrated by primary school art lessons because he was not learning how to draw. In 18 months of weekly lessons, Cora showed him how to look at shapes, volumes and shades and gave him the techniques he needed to enjoy drawing.

She encouraged him to follow his interests (mostly animals and fantasy characters), but also to step out of his comfort zone by using paints, which he is now much more confident with.

Cora’s calm and relaxed style really suited him. Now that he is at secondary school, Ben loves art lessons, and that is down in a large part to Cora.”

Anne Kinchin

She challenges her pupils to try new media and techniques….

“Cora is a very patient and calm teacher, and she works very well with children, giving them advice, but never putting a stamp on their work. She challenges her pupils to try new media and techniques. My sons love going to Cora for art lessons”.

Annelize Kidd

… never changes or criticizes his work

“Jeremy has been learning painting with Cora for 4 years and enjoys the lessons very much.

Cora is patient and good with children. She gives plenty of encouragement and good advice and never changes or criticizes his work. Jeremy has improved so much and he recently won a Christmas card competition at school”.

Yumiko Da Silva Curiel

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